Town Ordinances

Ordinance J-17-001, "An Ordinance Authorizing the Washington County Sheriff's Department to Enforce Town of Jackson Ordinances".       Adopted 3-9-2017

Ordinance J-20-001, "Temporary Weight Restrictions on Sherman Road".    Adopted 5-14-2020

Resolution J-21-001, Approve Comprehensive Plan 2050

Ordinance J-21-001, Adopt Comprehensive Plan 2050

Resolution j-21-010, Appointing Election Inspectors for the 2022-2023 Biennium

Link to Comprehensive Plan 2050 document (PDF)

Town ordinances are not available online at this time. For information about zoning, land division or building code, contact Jim Micech 414-840-3416.

A print copy of the Town's Long-Range Comprehensive Plan is available for viewing in the Town Clerk's office. Call for an appointment.

For other information, contact the Town Clerk's office — 262-677-4048.